CLIENT: MINIWIZ CO. & Jackie Chan Group

LOCATION: April 2017-Shanghai, China / September 2017-London, UK

DATE: April 2017


TRASHPRESSO is the world’s first mobile plastics and fabric waste recycling plant. It was designed to tackle waste by creating a mobile, automated, and self-powered, industrial grade recycling platform.


The TRASHPRESSO plant is housed in a 40-foot container platform that is movable anywhere by a trailer truck. Unlike existing recycling systems, the TRASHPRESSO plant runs on solar power, making it deployable off-grid.


Once stationed, the TRASHPRESSO container opens much like a satellite unpacking in orbit. Trash is collected locally, then washed, shredded, melted, and molded through an automated process. The water required for cleaning the trash is reused by being cycled back into the process. The output of the TRASHPRESSO’s recycling process is up-cycled architectural tiles.


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