• Le Blé d'Or
    Le Blé d'Or
    The well known beer brewery restaurant chain's latest and biggest restaurant. It is made with the trash from beer brewing and recycled PP. The ceiling, brick system and furniture are all based on this new bespoke biocomposite.
  • SDTI - Electronic Waste Recycling Plant
    SDTI - Electronic Waste Recycling Plant
    Built with its own byproducts from e-waste recycling.
    Post-consumer waste based fixture program made by Miniwiz.
  • Aero Static Dome
    Aero Static Dome
    Flying architecture, supported only by tensile elements.
  • F2E & F124
    F2E & F124
    Taipei municipal food waste to bioPET and bioPE plant.
  • Nike X158
    Nike X158



NYT on E-Waste



The New York Times reported on the latest electronic waste recycling technologies. We are proud to be part of that revolution.This piece also showcases the new, gamechanging SDTI facility, which will feature Miniwiz building-materials (made with e-waste).

Miniwiz on Galileo

screen shot 2014-07-02 at 6.26.21 pm

 Miniwiz is proud to be on Germany's most watched popular science show. Both our Biowaste to PET factory (F124) and our rPET recycling technologies were featured. Click here to see clips form the show.


CCTV Interview 华人世界專訪

screen shot 2014-07-02 at 7.03.34   An in-depth interview with Managing Director 黃謙智 (Arthur Huang), who transforms trash resources into high-value products. Team Miniwiz is famed as the "new generation of Chinese innovators" influencing and leading the sustainable techonology development globally. (Chinese World 2012 Ep.65)

IDEA 2013 Gold Award



The Industrial Designers Society of America announced 2013's International Design Excellence Awards® (IDEA). The Nike Flyknit Collective - Feather Pavilion has won the IDEA Gold Award! The Feather Pavilion was designed and constructed using 100% recycled materials by the Miniwiz team. For more information please click here.