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NIKE the Feather Pavilion

Beijing, China

The Feather, since its conception, holds the innovative reality of the four Nike Flyknit benefits in its core. It is a platform which exemplifies the pioneering designs and efforts of Nike in its enduring evolution towards high performance, sustainability, light weight, and most importantly formfitting, all of which is embedded in the Nike Flyknit. The translation of such proactive values into reality is achieved through a weave of timeless mechanics and visionary interpretations, and as a result, further illustrates the power of design by Nike. Through the Feather, kinetic reactions complemented by interactive visual arts lead the users through a personalized journey—the significant breakthrough by Nike Flyknit.

Performance/ Lightweight
The architecture is an interface for the audience, operating and manifesting the act of taking flight of the Nike FLYKNIT technology. The lightness through the revolutionary process of knitting the formfitting shoes are expressed through interactivity of the kinetic architecture. From a distance, the oscillating wave form articulated by the mechanical motion of the piece mimics a feather in flight. The delicate periodic movement of the architecture, for the perceptive eye, draws the user to its proximity; revealing its structural lightness and exposing the translucency of the piece. At first glance, framed by an undulating feather-light roof in motion, a Polli-brick wall unveils a playful game of lights and shadows of the occurrence in its interior. In its core, a series of catenary loom like lines downpour from the feather structure to its center, connecting it to the platform. The walking surface absorbs the forces emitted by the users, and transfers them into linear movement in order to generate event of the undulating feather structure. This gentle stroll over the platform yields the agitation of the loom feather-like structure. The kinetic operation performed by the architecture speaks metaphorically of the Nike Flyknit project.

Parallel to the Nike shoe's material considerations, the architecture began by cataloging sustainable recycled material opportunities to create an architecture constructed of 100% trash. The walls are made of recycled PET derived from plastic bottles, the canopy structure uses recycled materials, the canopy shading surface and the loom like strings is made from Rice Fiber* the 100% recycled super-strength PET yarn reinforced with RICE (Wheat) Husk nano silicone dioxide with a triangular light reflective filament cross section. Such an equation allows the user to fully appreciate the project materiality on a firsthand basis, as well as envision the synergy between the architecture and the details of the Nike Flyknit Shoe project.

The Idea of formfitting is advocated through a synchronized set of sensorial events where the feather acts as the physical protagonist, and interactive video art enhances the physical encounter by stimulating the users’ imagination. By integrating both physical and imaginational experiences, a one of a kind sensorial escapade is formed, which distinguishes itself from day to day experiences and its definition, leads to a personalized journey. The kinetic and virtual limits are intertwined and thus dissolved through the juxtaposition of the architectural mechanism and artistic projections of imagination—a realization made possible through technology. Such a harmony is embedded in the design of Nike Flyknit itself, and the Feather becomes the reality of the ethereal concept. Antecedently, Nike+ products and the Nike Fuel band have captured the use of technology to create unique and individualized experiences for the users. The Nike Flyknit is yet another breakthrough in Nike’s innovation in formfitting, both in the literal and metaphorical ways. The architecture becomes a superior platform to express such a breakthrough, as it allows not only imaginative projections of artists, but also provides personal connections for the public through Nike+ products and Nike Fuel which is integrated within.

Architecture has been the medium of expression that has the longest resonance throughout the history of our global civilization. In our daily life, every second of it, we live surrounded by architecture, consuming it to the fullest extent without any perception of it. Fragments of architecture might passively draw an impact in our lifelong collection of memory. In this collaborative effort (Nike, Eskyiu and Miniwiz), architecture is the interface for the community. It provides a sense of place, reference, dialogue, engagement and cooperative endeavor for point of departure and axiom. The celebration of the Nike Flyknit project in kinetic and interactive space (pavilion) issues a commitment to a legacy within the collective memory of the community— as a space, an installation and an architecture of resemblance. The resulting efforts will converge on an architectural hub, a host of present and future discussions, projects and evolving persuasions committed in validating the presence of a communal engagement with Nike and its legacy through the actions performed, collected and documented in the Flyknit space.


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