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iGreen 5D Entertainment Center

Kunshan,Greater Shanghai,China

Biggest Spherical 5D Movie Theatre Structure in the World 
to be built from 100% recycled DVDs & CDs

Miniwiz uses groundbreaking recycling technology to create Wanshang Dreamworld’s latest spectacle near Shanghai.

Miniwiz Sustainable Energy Development is proud to officially announce the construction of iGreen, an aviation museum with 5D movie theatre to be the centerpiece of the Dreamworld park. iGreen will be one of the worlds largest spherical structures with a diameter of 50 meters. The sphere encases the museum complex creating a microclimate that allows for tropical plants and trees to be grown. It has to withstand typhoon grade wind-gust, acid rain, earthquakes and UV radiation, yet it will be made from recycled DVDs & CDs. Christopher Yen, Head Materials Engineer at Miniwiz says: ‘we created an unprecedented up-cycling process allowing us to use only post-consumer poly carbonate and agricultural waste to create a building envelope’ The skin of iGreen will allow light to penetrate at daytime and spectacular lighting at night, making iGreen an iconic landmark.

Jarvis Liu, R&D director at Miniwiz: ‘Our firm has an unusual genetic makeup: structural engineers, architects, chemical engineers, and manufacturing specialists lean over the same problem set, creating never-before-seen interdisciplinary solutions.’ iGreen’s interior will feature furniture, ceilings, flooring and lighting fixtures all made from recycled post consumer waste materials. iGreen will educate the end-consumer about sustainability in a fun entertaining way.

And it is an example of economically feasible sustainable construction ‘Normally extravagant structures like iGreen come at a steep premium. Using up-cycled materials, modularization and speedy construction we were able to make this a commercially viable effort.’ says Donald Saga Head of Project Management at Miniwiz.

iGreen is set to open in 2015 in Huaqiao. Visitors can enjoy a 5D flight simulator as well as a greened rooftop within the microclimate, a unique shopping and educational experience, coffee shops etc. ‘It’s amazing what you can make from reengineered trash’ Arthur Huang CEO of Miniwiz notes.

Completion Year : 2015
Site Area : 226,590 (sq m)
Project Area: 7,000^ (sq m)