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Not Just A Motto

Chic, re-usable, and sustainable; Re-Wine Classic™ is an elegant solution to protecting your wine bottles. Made of 100% recycled materials, this chic and elegant wine case reduces the amount of waste in landfills.

Revolutionary Material

Rice farming by-products and post-consumer thermoplastics are combined to form a new revolutionary group of materials, POLLIBER™. The reprocessed rice husk serves as a performance enhancer that counteracts the mechanical strength loss due to degradation of polypropylene as it is recycled. The end result is a highly durable material of architectural grade which is recyclable, and able to be manufactured at an unbeatable minimum of CO2 emissions.


Wine Bottle Packing

The Re-Wine Classic serves as a creative way to present wine as a gift to your friends, families and colleagues.

Basic Building Blocks

Re-Wine Classic™ is also a versatile packaging solution that allows the cases to interlock with each other. Use this product as building blocks to create a wall or durable custom furniture or as a way to carry multiple bottles easily and safely.

CES Innovation Awards

Re-Wine Classic™ is a simplified version of our CES 2012 Innovation Design and Engineering Awards Honoree product: Re-Wine. Enhanced with additional colors to the product line and now providing a stylish greeting card for gift giving