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Miniwiz turns post-consumer waste into high performance materials. 

We are a turnkey engineering / design / manufacturing company.



We strive to introduce the circular economy into the building, interior and raw material sector. If the built environment can be re-recyclabe a huge portion of manmade damage on the planet can be prevented while providing a equal or even better quality of life.

Upcycling Trash

Trash is not necessarily something to get rid of at a high cost for the environmenent. The growing reservoir of 50 years of trash or more is a resource for the future. Miniwiz ensures that recycling is done in the most sustainable manner and develops a new generation of materials with improved quality, performances and aesthetics. We make waste a financially and aesthetically desirable resource.

Structural and Mechanical Engineering for Performance

We use mechanical and structural design principles to mechanically strengthen our materials at the product level. Proprietary joints, interlocking systems and folding techniques are both mass manufacturable and physically superior




Areas of work 

  • 100% recycled material development (with possible customisation)
  • Sustainable products & packaging design / industrial design with recycled materials
  • Interior design with recycled materials 
  • Green building architecture & construction with recycled materials
  • Recycling process engineering