Miniwiz New Office in Berlin


Project name: Miniwiz Berlin Office

Client: Miniwiz Berlin

Location: Rosenthaler Strasse, Berlin, Germany

Date: Late 2016


If you want to change the world, why stay in one place? The expansion of Miniwiz to Europe is part of the next big step. With Germany being one of the global leaders in Recycling and sustainability awareness, Berlin makes an ideal destination during our journey of pushing manufacturers and consumers into the realm of the circular economy.


Located at Rosenthaler Strasse with the entrance to the arcade mouth of a charismatic alley running underneath and in-between buildings, the office spans the top two floors of number 36. 

At the third floor, you'll find the reception bordering an open and comfortable office space including a small lounge area. We built the wall by our building module - Polli-Ber™ Brick Wall System to separate into the different area. Also, installing Eco-Morph Shelf System on the wall utilize the space as much as we can. One floor above lies a spacious gallery area with large floor-to-ceiling windows including outdoor space, overseeing the inner shopping alley that runs underneath and past our building.


As a reflection of the Miniwiz mentality, the office sports an interior with all in-house designed installations and fixtures made from recycled post-consumer waste, the majority being Polymers to ensure a minimal carbon footprint. Spartan could be a fitting term to describe an array of fixtures and furniture that are all optimized to use as little material as possible whilst still being functional, innovative and aesthetically appealing and of course, fully recyclable.