Building A Better Environment with Stuff You’d Throw Away


National Geographic

May 6th, 2016


Arthur Huang, CEO of Miniwiz has been selected as a 2016 Explorers, and was featured his story on National Geographic Magazine.


​Whether you’re building a retail store, a piece of furniture, or even an airplane, Arthur Huang wants your trash to be involved. He’s helped Nike turn old sneakers into construction brick for stores around the globe, used beer-brewing waste to make a mass-manufactured “hops chair,” and is working to get recycled material into planes, cars, and boats.


For the past decade, the Taiwanese engineer has been turning post-consumer waste into “high performance materials” via the company he founded, Miniwiz. And as it turns out, the endeavor involves a lot more intrigue than you might expect. Read on to see how adventures in recycling can be quite treacherous, if you’re not careful. —By Christina Nunez