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SDTI Waste Recycling Facility

Taoyuan, Taiwan

MINIWIZ is proud to be the architect, designer and building material supplier for SDTI’s newest facility to be located in Taoyuan, Taiwan. SDTI is a leading brand in providing electronic industrial waste recycling across the globe. As Taiwan’s largest electronic waste resource recycling management institution, SDTI works closely with Taiwan’s EPA to adhere to the highest standards of IT waste recycling. MINIWIZ POLLI-BRICKS technology and new MINIWIZ building material solutions, made of IT waste and other recycled materials themselves, will be used in construction. SDTI’s goal is for its newest factory to be an educational tourist site that can educate the public on ways and means to apply sustainable practices and how to protect the environment.

Estimated Completion: 2013 
Site Area: 22,975 (sq m)
Project Area: 44,141 (sq m)