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Pier 16

Shanghai, China

The Shanghai Pier 16 Project is being built next to the Huang Pu River in 1821 that served as the focal point for shipping and trading activity on the Huang Pu River. The Pier 16 Project was ill-renovated-use of a building that was built for welcoming visitors to serve as a traffic hub for 2010 World Expo held in Shanghai, China.

The Pier 16 Project will include three structures and is currently being transformed into a cultural center on the south bond. An old building next to the Huang Pu river will be re-modeled to become the new Pier 16 will include a shopping mall/theater. This building will be joined by an underground structure containing a Bookstore and a MTV. The third building will be a bus station.

The new Pier 16 will be covered by a façade made from Polli-Bricks based on the design of a boat. We have integrated products designed by MINIWIZ into the interiors of the building and have used the ceiling panels made from Polli-Ber covering the ceiling of the bookstore. The integration of recycled pc sheets into the lighting systems built into the ceilings beautifies the design. The Pier 16 project will include one of MINIWIZ’s new products The Leaf, with LED lighting we will be able to save a large amount of energy.

Completion Year : N/A
Site Area : N/A