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Pacific Department Store

Chengdu, China

The Pacific Department Store in Chengdu, China is the newest addition to its city’s skyline. Due to be completed in April, 2011, this 37-story structure (including five basement floors) boasts a world’s first interior comprised of POLLIBRICK™ interior fittings in the walls and ceilings. As an interior application for walls and ceilings, POLLIBRICK™ technology adds a stunning decorative touch and boasts impressive acoustics that leave interior environments calmer and more peaceful and allows for impressive LED lighting capabilities. Like all POLLIBRICK™ materials, interior POLLIBRICK™ are 100% recycled, translucent and extremely low in cost compared to traditional wall and ceiling building materials.

Completion: 2011.10
Site Area : 9,461.06 (sq m)
Project Area : 139,918 (sq m)