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Eco House - Earth Day 2012

Taipei Main Station - Taipei, Taiwan

The Eco House was designed and built by MINIWIZ for National Geographic Channels’ 2012 Earth Day. A culmination of Earth Day events in the past years, National Geographic Channel wants to remind attendees that the little choices we make in our daily lives really can make an impact to the environment. The Eco House is built with 4,000 Polli-Bricks, and marks the first appearance of Miniwiz’ No Virgins ceiling panel – RICEFOLD.

RICEFOLD is an origami ceiling panel made with POLLI-BER (recycled water jugs and rice husk), designed to be an economical and ecological alternative to traditional office ceilings. The geometric folding design allows the RICEFOLD to be shipped flat to save space and lower carbon footprint of transportation, and can be easily assembled on-site for efficient building.

A demonstration of living green, the Eco House showcases sustainable products such as a hybrid car, energy saving tips, and sustainable furniture and décor

Completion Year : 2012.04
Site Area : 495 (sq m)
Project Area : 100 (sq m)

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