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Taipei Pavilion World Design Expo

TWTC Nangang Exhibition Hall, Taipei, Taiwan

The Taipei Pavilion is commissioned by the Department of Urban Development of the Taipei City Government, to represent Taipei design at the Taipei World Design Expo, and to declare the city’s ambition to become World Design Capital 2016 and will be opened to the public from October 22nd to October 30th, 2011.

Taipei Pavilion is built with MINIWIZ’s 100% recycled PET-made POLLI-BRICKS™. The fractured walls are designed to simulate the experience of walking through the winding alleys of Taipei City. Taipei Pavilion also debuts RE-wine™ , a multipurpose wine-packaging solution, as a partition wall demonstrating the products re-use and structural potentials. To demonstrate Taipei City’s commitment to sustainability, the Pavilion employs energy-efficient LED lighting, and MINIWIZ architects successfully developed a way to create curved walls without using any adhesive so that the entire structure can be disassembled for reuse.

Each section of the Pavilion is themed with the English pre-fix RE-, which literally means to repeat. Re- is about taking a second look at something with a fresh pair of eyes and maximizing its value. Each section showcases Taipei’s design capabilities with a different medium, installation art, film, interactive display, and award-winning designs from the 2011 Taipei Industrial Design Award.

Completion Year : 2011.10.22
Site Area : 900 (sq m)