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MINIWIZ Forges Ahead

Arthur Huang, the co-founder of Miniwiz Sustainable Energy Development, based in Taiwan, trained as an architect in America...

Taiwan Builds Plastic Structure

It's light, airy and made of 1.5 million recycled plastic bottles. The main exhibition hall of the Taipei International Floral Exhibition...

MINIWIZ Builds its green presence

From afar, the EcoArk Pavilion in Taipei has the look of many modern structures that grace the world's biggest cities.

EcoARK Featured in Time Magazine

Doing good and doing well is not confined to social enterprises. Arthur Huang, a University Professor, engineer and architect founded...

EcoARK Featured in Detail Magazine

Last year, some 100,000 tonnes of polyethylene terephthalate (PET) were recycled in Taiwan. That represents roughly 80 per cent of the...


BBC features EcoARK the world's first building made from plastic bottles.

Architecture to the Wider world

The product catagory winner in last year's Earth Awards was Polli-Bricks made entirely of recycled plastic bottles. It was highly evaluated for...

Turning Trash into treasure

Turning Taiwan's trash into a treasure. The EcoARK pavilion is hailed as a new benchmark for the future of green buildings.

Travel + Leisure Southeast Asia

Travel + Leisure gives you a more indepth view with an interview about Arthur Huang one of MINIWIZ's founders.

2012 Media


Collect 'em and win is kind of the literal concept behind MINIWIZ Re-Wine, interlocking packaging for wine that can be re-purposed into a modular storage system.

Re-Case: iPhone case made from trash

You know we love up cycling around here, so when the folks at MINIWIZ offered to send me their case for the iPhone 4 that's made from trash.

Re-Wine Classic wine bottle carrying case by MINIWIZ.

MINIWIZ's biodegradable "Re-Wine Classic" Wine Totes Snap Together Like Legos

Taiwanese design firm MINIWIZ is putting an elegant new spin on a classic party-going gift with their new Re-Wine classic.

CES 2012: Wine Holders Made From Trash Convert Into Lamps

MINIWIZ is a company that always impresses me with its creativity. They've created personal wind-power generators, then turned plastic bottles into building materials and walls that double as solar power generators.

The Book Blog

Alex Chou of Miniwiz shows off the company’s recycled plastic bottle building blocks, which have been used to construct a fully functional five-storey building in Taiwan.. 

Seen. Heard. Noticed

This was, by far, my favorite booth design at CES. It's a tough show to think about sustainability. People give away stuffed animals, plastic bags, reusable tote bags (even reusable is just more "stuff") and other swag.

Preempt Marketing

Normally one show like the CES (2700 booths 140,000 attendees) would be enough for a person to take in one week but for me it was just the start, I also attended the Affiliate Summit West 11, Inter Next Webmaster show and then PPAI (Promotional products show) all in the same 7 day period.

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