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Polli-Ber is a new class of composite polymer material manufactured from recycled plastic and processed agricultural waste. After years of research and development, Miniwiz’s Polli-Ber is developed to reduce unusable waste, reuse consumer trash, and still be able to be re-recycled. Polli-Ber emphasizes sustainability by combining user generated plastic waste with unusable rice husk agro-waste to give you a new choice of plastic for environment and cost-conscious consumers.





- Bio-fiber reinforcement of polymer matrix for performance enhancement
- Nano-particle reinforcement for high end applications
- Two-thirds less energy used in manufacturing as opposed to new material
- 40% less carbon emission during life cycle of plastic
- Can be processed using all common manufacturing techniques (ie. Injection molding, thermoforming, extrusion, blow molding, etc.)
- UV-stable/Flame Resistant grades according to specs

*Patent Pending