CEO, Founder

Arthur is a structural engineer, architect and pioneer of loop economy building material solutions, specialized in post-consumer trash recycling applications to help shift mass consumption to a close-loop model.In 2005, He established Miniwiz, a company dedicated to upcycling and consumer trash and industrial waste reuse innovation.


Under Arthur Huang’s leadership, Miniwiz has pushed boundaries beyond all expectations, winning the company the Financial Times’ Earth Award in 2010 and The Wall Street Journal’s Asian Innovation Award in 2011. In 2015, Miniwiz received the Technology Pioneers title by the World Economic Forum, recognizing the potential of the emerging industry that Miniwiz is leading and the positive impact of its innovation on altering and adapting global consumption patterns.



Master of Architecture, Harvard University, Graduate School of Design

Bachelor of Architecture, Cornell University, College of Art, Architecture and Planning


Awards and Honors:

2016 - Emerging Explorer , National Geographic

2015 - Technology Pioneer, World Economic Forum

2014 - Nike Aerostatic Dome, Milan

2013 - IDEA GOLD Award, Chicago, USA

2012 - Mayor Bloomberg's New York Venture Fellowship, New York, USA

2012 - Make a Difference (MAD) Award, Ministry of Cultural Affair, Hong Kong, China

2011 - Wall Street Journal Innovation Award, Hong Kong

2011 - 40 under 40 Design Talent Award, Perspective, Asia

2010 - Earth Award, Winner (Industrial Product), Financial Times, London, United Kingdom

2002 - Charles Goodwin Sands Memorial Medal, Cornell University, USA